20 years of experience in surfing, competing in national and international levels myself and teaching as a surf instructor gave me the qualification of being a coach.
What is a coach? A coach is not simply a surf instructor, who is trying to teach you how to do the take off and to take some waves in an hour.
A coach is there to constantly improve you techniques and surfing skills inside and outside the water with the help of individually and personalized trainings and excercies.  
You can consult your coach from wherever you are in the world and he will confirm your level and achievements.
My work starts with analyzing your previous surf experience and your techniques. Then I'm creating a personalized training suitable for every individual. Video material will help us visualize your progress and to analyze your technique together and constantly improve.
(for advanced surfers seeking progress and personal attentive excercices with individual training plans for in and outside the water)
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